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Christian Talk
The Good News of your salvation
BGN RADIO is a not for-profit Christian radio ministry that airs 24/7. We play independent Christian artists. We air Bible study and sermons in different languages. We also air music in different languages, but we mostly play Haitian Christian Music. We promote our Christian artists and all Christian activities. We are not on air to gain money, but to gain souls for the Lord Jesus Christ who gave Himself to redeem us from sins. We play the best Haitian Christian artists and bands. Here are some of them: Assad Francoeur, Billy Fonfrel, Claude Aurelien, Didie Jeremie, Evelyne Baille, Tibob De Nazareth, Villaire Pierre, Apocalypse 2000, Evangel, Revelasyon, Revelation Mizik and many more.
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